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Great Vacation Photos

Volume 2, 2015

We received more than 30 photos after we asked readers to submit pictures from their best ever vacation abroad. Here are 14 shots that we hope will inspire your future travel plans.

Submitted by: Zhuchen MAO, MC’s Office
Location: Kurugama, Sri Lanka
Date: August 3, 2014
Photographer: Mr Pradeep

One day as we travelled in south Sri Lanka , we passed a local kindergarten. It had only one room; simple, but not crude. Lanterns for Poya Festival hung in the classroom. There was a large Buddhist mural on the wall, depicting the scene of monks sent by King Ashoka of India urging the local tribal chief to stop hunting deer. Each day, villagers take turns cooking and delivering meals to the children at lunch time. Teachers are semi-volunteers, who receive a modest wage from the government. One teacher proudly showed me some of the children’s handworks. They were childish, but so full of life! Although in an impoverished area, this little kindergarten was like an oasis for the soul.  Embraced by nature and neighbourhood bonds, the kids will grow up with a heart nourished with love. Later on, no matter if they’re rich or poor, they will have a solid base to build their lives on: belief and compassion.


2Jaden SUH_调整大小.JPG

Photographer: Jaden Suh (MBA 2014)
Location: Yangshuo, Guilin
Date: September 28, 2013

The stunning view was exactly what I’d seen in Chinese paintings. All I could think was just "WOW!"


3Costa Peter Delis_调整大小.JPG

Photographer: Costa Peter Delis (MBA 2011)
Location: Bagan, Myanmar
Date: February 16, 2015

This photo perfectly captures the feel of Bagan. It’s this old, dusty city where the sun creates an orange glow every morning and night. The highlight of the trip was taking a hot air balloon ride over the ancient temples. My photo was taken while on the balloon ride.


4Costa Peter Delis_调整大小.JPG

Photographer: Costa Peter Delis
Location: Mandalay, Myanmar
Date: February 18, 2015

I took this photo at the Mahagandaryone Monastery. Every morning the monks line up at 10 to get their lunch. They’re surrounded by tourists taking their photos. This photo captures how stoic each and every one of them were, even with all the chaos going on around them. The black and white accentuates the feelings captured in the photograph.


Cover Story, Volume 2, 2015

Photographer: Sabine Zhang (MBA 1999) 
Location: Austria
Date: Summer 2014

That's my usual weekend escape, in the South of Austria, between the Hungarian and Slovenian border, in the middle of nowhere. I get a lot of energy from walking through this beautiful landscape.


6John Liu_调整大小.jpg

Photographer: John Liu (MBA 2015) 
Location: The Sahara Desert
Date: November 12, 2014

This is a photo of Xulan with nomadic kids from The Sahara. That night, Xulan didn’t join in the party for the tourists camping in the desert; she went to see the kids. She still remembers the boy’s mother asking for help with his infected eyes. Although trained in infectious diseases in medical school, as an unprepared tourist, she could do nothing to help.


7Xulan FU_调整大小.jpg

Photographer: Xulan FU (MBA 2015) 
Location: Sahara Desert
Date: November 11, 2014

Being a CEIBS student is a similar experience to travelling the desert: you struggle, reflect and pull yourself together to keep walking. And when you look back you can see it was such a good journey!


Cover Story, Volume 2, 2015

Photographer: Victor Weijun LIU (MBA 2016)
Location: Mediterranean Beach, Barcelona, Spain.
Date: February 2015

After finishing the case competition at IESE, we went to the seaside in search of the famous paella. But when we saw the beach, no one talked about food anymore.


9Andy, Liz, Sara, Cindy, Celin_调整大小.jpg

Photographers: Andy, Liz, Sara, Cindy, Celin (MBA 2016)
Location: Paris, Eiffel Tower
Date: December 10, 2014

We used our bodies to make the letters “I love CEIBS”, using the school flag to represent the word CEIBS. We think it was creative and shows our love of our school.


10 Marcos, Liz, Cindy, Celin_调整大小.JPG

In the photo:  Marcos, Liz, Cindy, Celin (MBA 2016)
Location: The Mediterranean, Barcelona, Spain
Date: December 22, 2014

Marcos showed us around his beautiful hometown, Barcelona. We’re happy we have such friendly international classmates and we’re looking forward to more trips around the world with them.



Cover Story, Volume 2, 2015

Photographer: A member of May Wang’s (Exec Ed) family 
Date: December 2013

On a clear and beautiful day in December 2013, my family and I drove along the coastline of Cape Town to Cape of Good Hope and along Chapman’s Peak. It was an entirely different but fantastic experience to spend Christmas during a South African summer. The coastlines, capes, penguins, lions, ostriches, birds, wild plants and vineyards were all incredible.  I appreciated and enjoyed every moment!



12Dmitry Andreev_调整大小.jpg

Photographer: Dmitry Andreev (MBA 2016) 
Location: Lijiang
Date: April 2015

In just one second the seemingly tranquil landscape can explode into a merciless thunderstorm… this is the real charm and magic of mother nature.


13Dmitry Andreev_调整大小.jpg

Photographer: Dmitry Andreev 
Location: Guilin
Date: March 2013

What makes Guilin so amazing is the charming landscape of hills emerging among lively streets of suburban area and bustling districts of downtown.


Cover Story, Volume 2, 2015

Photographer: Patrick Jiang (DIMP 2000)
Location: Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, Medellin, Colombia
Date: March 18, 2014.

I was waiting for my flight and when I looked back, the departure lounge looked like a time tunnel; so I captured this scene. Chinese may know little about Colombia. I’ve deepened my understanding and have grown to love it more because I do business there. You should visit.