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CEIBS Global Management Forum 2015

Changes and the New Normal in the Business World


Ms. Sammi Shen 699 Hongfeng Road Shanghai 201206, PRC

Along with tremendous changes worldwide, the singularity is near. The business world is evolving, reshaping and even redefining itself at an unprecedented pace. In the digital times, innovation-driven start-ups are mushrooming, while traditional companies are blazing a new tail. How will Chinese companies keep up with the tide of changes? What lessons can tens of millions of Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprises in transition draw from the hidden champions in Germany? As a host of start-ups are riding the wave of Internet, what course will they chart? How will Chinese companies stack up against their overseas counterparts with a global vision in order to reign supreme in the current business world?

Presently, companies are constantly torn between inheritance and innovation, transition and integration, and Internet Plus and traditional industries, each set being complementary and even paradoxical. The ever-changing business landscape has led to a paradigm shift in management. Against this background, we will organize the Global Management Forum 2015, where four world-renowned management thinkers from China, the US and Europe will offer their insight into economic landscape in the new era.


October 28 (Wednesday)


CEIBS Shanghai


Welcome address

Dr. Li Mingjun
Executive President, CEIBS

Session I: Chinese Companies’ Foresight and Competence

A global vision is indispensable for Chinese companies. Before going global, however, Chinese companies need to examine whether they are well-placed to compete on the international arena. A large number of hidden champions in Germany are a role model in this regard.


Keynote speech: Hidden Champions – The Vanguard of Globalia

Prof. Hermann Simon
A famous management thinker in Germany; author of the Hidden Champions




Coffee break


Keynote speech: Globalization of Chinese Companies: Paths and Strategies (TBD)

Prof. Wang Gao
Professor of Marketing; Associate Dean
Co-Director, Centre for Globalization of Chinese Companies, CEIBS




Foresight and Competence: Dialogue between Prof. Hermann Simon and Prof. Wang Gao about the Growth of Chinese Companies

Moderator: Dr. Yang Yanqing
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Business News; President, CBN Research Institute; Anchorperson and Commentator, CBN



Session II: New Business Landscape in the Current Times

Interconnection, convergence and cross-sector collaboration…All these paint the most vivid picture of current business landscape; innovation, change and transition…All these are the pressing requirements for companies. Where will the next giant stand out? How will the once-dominant companies make a comeback?


Keynote speech: The Inevitable

Mr. Kevin Kelly
Founding Executive Editor, Wired; author of Out of Control




Coffee break


Keynote speech:

Prof. CHEN Long

Chief Strategy Officer, Ant Financial Group




Catching the Wave: Dialogue between Mr. Kevin Kelly and Mr. Chen Long about the Business Trends and Transition of companies

Moderator: Dr. Yang Yanqing
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Business News; President, CBN Research Institute; Anchorperson and Commentator, CBN


China Europe International Business School


CEIBS is a not-for-profit joint venture established in 1994 with the support of the Chinese government and the European Commission. Over the past two decades, CEIBS has made outstanding achievements and received wide recognition from the society, with its reputation as a prestigious business school in Asia being further strengthened and enhanced. With a vision to become the most respected international business school in the world, CEIBS is committed to educating socially responsible leaders versed in "China Depth, Global Breadth".

Attendance Notice

By invitation only

Dress Code: Business Formal/Business Smart


WeChat Registration


Click here to Register

Marriott Hotel Pudong Shanghai
15 Xinjinqiao Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, China
www.marriott.com  Tel: 86-21-60368888
Deluxe Room RMB 738 (for reference)
* The price including a breakfast and 15% service fee

CEIBS Residence
699 Hongfeng Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, China
Guest Room RMB 380 (for reference) 
* The price including a breakfast and 15% service fee

Please indicate that you are participating in the Global Management Forum 2014 & CEIBS 20th Anniversary Celebration organized by CEIBS. The discounted rate is effective on or before Octorber 28. Reservations after this date will be taken on a space and rate availability basis.


Conference Venue


The conference will take place at the Petrochemical Auditorium located at the China Europe International Business School's main campus in Shanghai.

Address: 699 Hongfeng Road, Pudong Shanghai, 201206, PRC

Map to China Europe International Business School




For more details about the Global Management Forum 2014 & CEIBS 20th Anniversary Celebration, please contact:

Ms. Sammi Shen
Marketing & Communications Department
Tel: +86-21-28905504  |  Fax: +86-21-28905273  |  Email: ssammi@ceibs.edu

Ms. Mei Yuan (For Domestic Media)
Marketing & Communications Department
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Mr. David Yu (For International Media)
Marketing & Communications Department
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