Port of Barcelona Chair of Logisitcs
Updated 11/01
Prof. J. Ribera

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The Port of Barcelona Chair of Logistics at CEIBS was created in December of 2000 through an agreement signed by Joaquim Tosas, President of the Autoritat Portuaria del Port de Barcelona and Pedro Nueno, Chairman of the Academic Council, Wilfried Vanhonacker, Dean of CEIBS, and Eric Cornuel, Director General of efmd. The Chair was created with the goal of promoting relationships between Chinese and European researchers and practitioners, and foster research on Logistics, aimed at top management decision making. Due to its origins and location, the Chair have its main focus on companies in Europe or China with trade in the other region.

The Chair performs activities in the following areas:

Main lines of activities

1. Repository for logistical activities documentation

The chair houses a growing collection of documents published by Chinese institutions on statistics and regulations for logistic activities, as well as brochures describing the activities and situation of the main logistic companies operating in China. It is also the aim of the Chair to house research documents from other universities in the same field.

2. Chair visibility and promotion

To increase the visibility of both the Chair and CEIBS, the Chair participates and organises events for dissemination of knowledge about the Chair activities and the research results. We can mention the recent presentation of Prof. Ribera on the situation and prospects of Chinese logistics in a meeting organised by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong with the occasion of the visit of the Economic Vice-president Mr. Rodrigo Rato of Spain leading a delegation of Spanish businessmen. Also, the Chair is active at presenting work-in-progress at the annual meeting of professional and academic societies, such as the European Operations Management Association.

3. Specific Projects

3.1 Collaborations with companies.

The Chair promoted the creation of a Technical Forum, with top managers from Logistical companies. The Forum meets quarterly to discuss issues of interest to the participants (some of the issues include Development of Logistical awareness in Chines companies through educational activities, main blocks in the development of a world-class competitive logistics industry in China, etc.). It is intended to expand its membership to incorporate shipping companies, customers, and officials.

Collaborative Benchmarking - The first phase, currently under development, will select some of the supply-chain management processes as defined in the SCOR model (Supply Chain Council). Fore each of these processes, the project will determine the current situation and best practices through Collaborative Benchmarking within a group of non-competing firms in China.

3.2 Research projects

Situation and probable evolution of the logistic chains between China and Europe

This project is developed in co-operation with the Mecalux-IESE Centre for Logistics Excellence at IESE Business Schoole in Barcelona, Spain, and aims at mapping the current situation and emerging trends in logistics between Europe and China. The research covers the collection of statistical data from published sources on flows of materials between the two regions, availability of infrastructure, macro agents, future investments, etc., as well as the perception that the different agents in each region have on the main difficulties and their possible evolution.

4. Development of teaching material

Case studies on interesting experiences in the management of logistics in China, e.g., the decision of a fully-owned Dutch company in China to outsource all of its sales and distribution activities, or the efforts of a Chinese privately-owned electronics company in its domestic distribution and its expansion abroad.

Technical reports, e.g., on the state-of-the-art logistical activities in China, or the creation of a glossary of logistical services provided by third parties or performed inside the companies.

5. Teaching activities in CEIBS

The Port of Barcelona Chair participates in the teaching of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management modules in Company-Specific programs, Open Executive Development Programs, and degree programs like the DIMP, MBA and EMBA at CEIBS.