Winning the Manufacturing Race
July 2005
Prof. J. Ribera

Materials from the course

Here is the zipped file containing all the documents used in the course. They are compressed, so you need to decompress them with Winzip (Click here to download the Winzip evaluation version). It may take some time to download as the zipped file is about 7Mb.

The file contains the following documents:

ROA computations SPC Powerpoint
Factory Physics Glossary MRP Powerpoint
Safety Workbook PeenyFab Simulation
Batching Workbook Lean Powerpoint
Input-Output Workbook Shoe Factory Excel
Depts. A & B with variability Lego Game Sheets
Edentel Spreadsheet  

Here you can also find a related bibliography.

If you were one of the participants in the course and require extra information on some of the materials or topics discussed during the course, feel free to drop me an email at Thanks.