EMBA Program 2004
Prof. J. Ribera

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If you were one of the participants in the course and require extra information on some of the materials or topics discussed there, feel free to drop me an email at rjaume@ceibs.edu. Thanks.

Course Objectives:

Provide the participant with the tools to uncover, understand and improve the many diverse operational systems existing in a firm. Use this knowledge to turn the Productions/Operations function into a strategic competency.

Teaching Methodology

Lectures, case discussion, exercises, simulations, games, ….Note that the load on this course is quite intense. Every day we will have evening sessions devoted to playing some simulations or team exercises. The professor will do his best to make the optimal use of everybody's time and it is expected that the participants do the same.
We will have not much time to read the cases during the course. Students are strongly advised to read the pre-course materials (indicated by an *) before the beginning of the course.3.

Reference Books:

The Memory Jogger II
Production and Operations Management: Manufacturing and Services, Chase, Aquilano and Jacobs, McGraw-Hill.

Student Evaluations:

Class participation 15%
Team work 15%
End of the course quiz 30%
Take-home exam 40%

The quiz will take place in the last period of the module. It will consist on a series of short exercises, with multiple choice answers, intended to test that the students have learned the quantitative aspects of the course. Students who do not pass this quiz will have a second option at the beginning of the following module.
Students will be assigned a take-home (a case study or a report based on their own company analysis) to be handed-in within one month after the end of the module (6-10 pages).