Nandani Lynton, Ph.D.




·         An internationally experienced educator with demonstrated strong communications,

strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Entrepreneurial: started and ran a service firm with two offices and up to 30 staff for 8 years in China. Cross-cultural: lived and

worked in China, India, Germany, and USA and worked in 39 other countries.

·         Highly experienced in designing and leading Executive Programs and EMBA modules. Ability to communicate complex material across boundaries of culture and of business, government and social organizations. Research on international leadership topics.

·         Extensive and longstanding professional and personal networks in education, business, media, government and social organizations in India, China, the USA and Europe.





2008-               China Europe International Business School

present                       Professor of Management, (Adjunct, Permanent)

Euro-China Centre for Responsible Leadership

CEIBS is a Shanghai-based business school ranked Nr. 17 globally by the Financial Times in 2011.


·         Recruited for my experience linking academia with practice. Active in the EU-funded project BMT to enrich EU-Chinese management research and collaboration.

·         Design and delivery, incl. academic directorship of Executive Leadership Programs for corporations including EDF, Evonik, METRO, Standard Bank.

·         Teaching primarily in EMBA and Executive Education programs. Regularly teach also on CEIBS partners’ EMBA programs (such as IESE) and for University of Melbourne Business School.

·         Executive courses include: Leading in New Markets, Understanding Emerging Markets, Leading the Cross-Border Enterprise, Culture as a Competitive Edge, Understanding Chinese Business Culture, Global Leadership, Beyond Intercultural: Tools for Global Leadership, People Issues in China, Working with Cross-Border Teams.

·         Research, publications and conferences on Chinese and European leadership issues and Chinese Generation Y.


2004 –             Thunderbird School of Global Management

2008                            VP Corporate Learning, Asia

& Clinical Professor of Global Business

Thunderbird is a US-based business school focused on international management. Ranked Nr.1 in International Business by U.S. News & World Report annually since 1995.


·         Developed the organization and programs for Asia especially for China.  Representation and client relationship management.

·         Designed and taught programs on Global Leadership, Intercultural Management and Communication, Understanding Emerging Markets, Doing Business in China for clients including Bank of America, Cisco, ExxonMobil, Lenovo, Royal Bank of Scotland. Developing as a Leader, Developing Global Mindset for Intel.


1996-2004       Lynton John & Associates, Ltd.,  Beijing & Shanghai

Merged into Haarmann Hemmelrath Management Consultants

Founder and Managing Director   

Lynton John Associates was an organizational consulting firm focused on providing business management and human resources services in China. 


·         Management responsibility for developing the business, the staff & systems, P/L, client relationships, supervision, provision and quality control of consulting services.     

·         Grew the business from 0-30 consultants and 2 offices in China.

·         Led and supervised projects in organizational strategy, organizational development, restructuring, change management.

·         Developed client accounts with companies including: American Express, BASF, BHPBilliton, Boeing, CEIBS, CICC, ConocoPhillips, Delphi, Ericsson, the European Commission, General Motors, Honeywell, Nokia, Novo Group, Shell, Valmont, Volkswagen, World Bank, World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


1994-1997ERM-Environomics (Beijing)

Senior Socio-Economic Consultant                                  

ERM-Environomics was the first joint-venture environmental consultancy in China.

·         Consulted on environmental projects with social dimensions: socio-economic impact assessments, project management, Corporate Social Responsibility & development of local capacities.

·         Clients included the Asian Development Bank, Microsoft.


1993-96           CCC Management Resources (Beijing and Shanghai)

Founder and Managing Director   

CCC specialized in intercultural management training for foreign organizations in China.

·         Led management training programs for corporate and public sector employees for clients including: Beijing International School, Ericsson, Nokia, Peking Union Hospital (with UNC Chapel-Hill and Quintiles), Squibb.

·         Research on management in joint venture enterprises.


1991-1993       Dept. for Refugee Issues, Neuss County Administration (Germany)                                         Project Director

                                                Civil service office under the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

·         Designed, project managed and implemented a federally funded, two- year community development project on the long-term integration of refugees in Germany.

·         Resulted in a book (2000 edition) and a multi-media traveling exhibition. 


1988-89           State Senate of Northrhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany                                                  Researcher on political and economic analysis.


1989-1993       Universität zu Köln, Department of Education, Cologne, Germany

Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Sociological Institute, Düsseldorf, Germany, University of Maryland, European Division, Bonn, Germany

Part-time lecturer and research project manager.



Education And Training


1988                Cornell University                                                                       USA

Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology: Modern Cultures and Organizational Behavior

1981                Masters of Arts, Social Anthropology and Behavioral Sciences

1981-1983         Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität                                         Germany

Visiting Graduate Student in Asian Studies/Indology

1977                Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences                   India

                                                Training Program in Organizational Development

1977                      University of South Carolina                                                      USA

Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.



Intellectual Contribution


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Editorial Board Positions:

Thunderbird International Business Review, Wiley USA, Editorial Board

Journal of Health Management, Sage Press, India, UK and USA. Editorial Advisory Board

Panel Session Leader or Discussant 2010/2011:

CLSA Investor Forum. “Ant Misbehaving: Gen Y Demands and Change in China.” Beijing, China.


PWC European Automobile Executive Network: “Success Criteria for International Teams: Lessons from European-Chinese Automobile Joint Venture Teams.” Kitzbuehl, Austria.


European Foundation for Management Development. Annual Conference.  “The Challenges of Internationalization: Understanding the New Consumers.” Brussels, Belgium.


Global Executive Forum for Action Learning. “Comparing in Chinese and European Leadership Development” and on “Gen Y Women, Asia-Europe.” Singapore.


European Foundation for Management Development. "Chinese Leadership: New Challenges.” Brussels, Belgium.


CEIBS- Finnovation “Changes in Chinese Education and Business Compared with Europe.” Shanghai, China.


Women Entrepreneurs Chamber and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. “EU Business & Investment Climate.” Shanghai, China.


Executive Education Course Creation 2010/2011:


Learning Expedition China.

Global Strategic Management.

Leading in Emerging Markets.





Employment (above under Positions Held)



Nandani Lynton works with gobal business organizations on four continents to address structural and leadership issues arising from the process of globalization. Her tailor-made projects include:

·                Leading senior management meetings to explore strategic options in dynamic markets;

·                Advising on critical overseas projects; 

·                Assessing proposed new or existing management teams;

·                Facilitating executive understanding of particular market contexts and working with them to design successful implementation of local operations;

·                Coaching senior expatriates to raise their impact;

·                Reviewing the level of global leadership skills available to an organization and building a global view in headquarters.        


Associations Leadership/Officer:

2005 onward, advisor to Uplift-Aufwind e.V., NGO working in Kirgistan.

2006-08 facilitated strategy meetings of the European Chamber of Commerce in China Board, Beijing

2005-06 Chair of American Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Training Committee, Beijing

2003-5 Rotary Club Board Member, Beijing

2001-04 head of American Chamber of Commerce HR Forum, Beijing




Invited speaking engagements include:

CLSA China Summit, Shanghai

Conference Board, New York

Economist Intelligence Unit, Hong Kong & Beijing

World Economic Forum China Business Summits, Beijing & Shanghai

Keynote address at KPMG Chairman’s 75 Meetings, Beijing & Mumbai

Keynote Address with CEO at METRO AG’s Management Conference, Düsseldorf


Invited member and speaker of the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation Asia-Europe Young Leaders’ Forum & the BMW Quandt Foundation Global Young Leaders’ Forum.



Awarded the China Staff – EuroMoney Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR Management in 1999.



English mothertongue

German fluent

Mandarin easily conversant.


References on request