Faculty List

By Name:
Visiting Faculty
Faculty Emeritus
Visiting Leader
Research Fellow/Associate
  • Cai, John - USA
    Adjunct Professor of Economics;
    Director of CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management and Policy
  • Callarman, Thomas E. - USA
    Professor of Operations Management;
    Director, CEIBS Centre for Automotive Research;
    Co-Director, Centre for Innovations in Supply Chains and Services, CEIBS
  • Cardona, Pablo - Spain
    Adjunct Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Chen, Jieping - China
    Professor of Accounting; 
    Zhongkun Group Chair of Accounting;
    Associate Dean;
    Director of EMBA Program, CEIBS
  • Chen, Shaohui "Sophie" - China
    Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS
    Programme director of Advanced Management Programme
    Programme director of Management Development Programme
  • Chen, Shimin - USA

    Professor of Accounting; 
    Associate Dean;
    Director of MBA Programme, CEIBS

  • Chen, Weiru - Singapore
    Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
    Programme director of Business Innovation & Transformation Programme
  • Chiang, Jeongwen - US
    Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Chng, Daniel Han Ming - Singapore
    Assistant Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Cronqvist, Henrik - Sweden / USA
    Professor of Finance;
    Zhongkun Group Chair of Finance, CEIBS
  • Ding, Yuan - France
    Professor of Accounting;  
    Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS;
    Associate Dean (Faculty);
    Co-Director of Centre for Globalization of Chinese Companies, CEIBS  
  • Fang, Yue - USA
    Professor of Decision Sciences, CEIBS;  
    Joint appoint with University of Oregon
  • Fernandez, Juan A. - Spain
    Professor of Management;
    Academic Director (Global EMBA Programme);
    Department Chair (Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management), CEIBS
  • Gong, Yan - USA
    Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
  • Han, Jian - USA
    Associate Professor of Management;
    Co-Director, CEIBS Centre on China Innovation 
  • Huang, Ming - USA
    Professor of Finance;  
    La Caixa Chair in Finance, CEIBS; 
    Joint Appointment with Cornell University
  • Hwang, Yuhchang - USA
    Professor of Accounting, CEIBS
  • Kim, Tae-Yeol - Republic of Korea
    Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, CEIBS
  • Lee, Jean S K - Singapore
    Professor of Management;
    Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HR;  
    Director, CEIBS Leadership Behavioral Laboratory;
    Co-Director, CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage 
    Programme Co-director of the Next Generation Programme
  • Li, Shanyou (Kevin) - China
    Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship;
    Executive Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment, CEIBS
  • Liang, Neng - China
    Professor of Management;
    Director of CEIBS Case Development Center
    Programme Co-director of CEIBS-Wharton Programme Corporate Governance and Board of Directors
  • Meyer, Klaus E. - Germany
    Professor of Strategy and International Business, CEIBS;
    Vice President, Academy of International Business;
    Director of CEIBS Research Centre for Emerging Market Studies 
  • Moon, Henry - USA
    Professor of Organizational Behavior, CEIBS 
  • Moran, Peter - USA
    Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
  • Nueno, Pedro - Spain
    Chengwei Ventures Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
  • Park, Hyun Young - Republic of Korea
    Assistant Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Park, Seung Ho - US
    Professor of Strategy,
    Parkland Chair Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
  • Price, Lydia J. - USA
    Professor of Marketing;
    Department Chair (Marketing), CEIBS
    Director, The Euro-China Center for Leadership and Responsibility
  • Prodi, Romano - Italy
    Sino-Europe Dialogue Chair, CEIBS
  • Ramasamy, Bala - Malaysia
    Professor of Economics, CEIBS
  • Ribera, Jaume - Spain
    Professor of Production and Operations Management;
    Port of Barcelona Chair in Logistics, CEIBS;
    Joint Appointment with IESE Business School
  • Rui, Oliver Meng - China
    Professor of Finance and Accounting, CEIBS
    Director IESE-CEIBS Coordinated Ph.D. Program
    Co-Director CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage
    Director of CEIBS-World Bank China Centre for Inclusive Finance 
  • Sampler, Jeff - UK
    Adjunct Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Schütte, Hellmut - Germany
    Vice President and Dean;
    Distinguished Professor of International Management, CEIBS 
  • Su, Xijia - Canada
    Professor of Accounting;   
    Academic Deputy Director of the EMBA Programme, CEIBS 
    Programme Director of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Programme
  • Tsai,Terence - USA
    Associate Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Tsamenyi, Mathew - UK/Ghana
    Professor of Management Practice in Accounting, CEIBS
  • Tse, Kalun - Netherlands
    Professor of Finance, CEIBS;  
    Joint Appointment with Nyenrode University
  • Tsikriktsis, Nikos - Greece and Australia
    Professor of Operations Management;
    Associate Dean;
    Director of GEMBA Program, CEIBS
    Programme Director of Diploma in Leadership Development Programme
  • Velamuri, S. Ramakrishna - India
    Professor of Entrepreneurship;
    Department Chair (Strategy and Entrepreneurship), CEIBS
    Academic Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment 
  • Wang, Gao - China
    Professor of Marketing;
    Co-Director of Centre for Globalization of Chinese Companies, CEIBS 
    Programme director of CEIBS Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Programme
  • Wang, Jing (Jane) - US
    Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Wood, Jack Denfeld - Switzerland and US
    Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS;
    Professor of Emeritus of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • Wu, Jinglian - China
    Senior Research Fellow, Development Research Centre of the State Council of P.R.C.;
    Deputy Director, Advisory Committee for State Informatization;
    Deputy Director, Committee for State Planning;
    Member, Advisory Committee to the State Council of Medical and Healthcare System Reform;
    Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics, CEIBS;   
    Honorary President, International Economic Association (IEA)
  • Xiang, Yi - China
    Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Xin, Katherine R. - USA
    Professor of Management;  
    Bayer Chair in Leadership; 
    Associate Dean (Executive Education Programs), CEIBS
    Programme Director of Leadership for CEOs in China Programme
  • Xu, Bin - USA
    Professor of Economics and Finance; 
    Associate Dean (Research), CEIBS
  • Xu, Dingbo - China
    Professor of Accounting; 
    Essilor Chair of Accounting;
    Associate Dean;
    Member, Management Committee,CEIBS
  • Xu, Xiaonian - China
    Professor of Economics and Finance;
    Santander Chair in Economics and Finance, CEIBS 
  • Yang, Lei (Bob) - China (Hong Kong SAR)
    Adjunct Professor of Finance, CEIBS
  • Yang, Yu - China
    Assistant Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Yeung, Arthur - China
    Adjunct Professor of Management;
    Philips Chair Professor of Human Resource Management, CEIBS;
  • Yip, George S. - American/British
    Professor of Strategy;  
    Co-Director, CEIBS Centre on China Innovation
  • Yu, Fang (Frank) - China
    Associate Professor of Finance, CEIBS
  • Zhang, Hua - China
    Assistant Professor of Finance, CEIBS
  • Zhang, Weijiong - China

    Vice President and Co-Dean;
    Professor of Strategy; 
    Member of the Academic Council, CEIBS
    Programme Co-director of CEIBS-Harvard Business School-IESE Business School Global CEO Programme for China

  • Zhang, Yimin - Canada
    Professor of Finance;
    Department Chair (Finance and Accounting), CEIBS
  • Zhao, Xiande - USA
    Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management;
    Director, Center for Innovations in Supply Chains and Services;
    Co-Director, CEIBS Center for Automotive Research, CEIBS
  • Zhao, Xinge - China
    Professor of Finance and Accounting;
    Associate Dean;
    Director of Finance MBA (FMBA) Program, CEIBS
  • Zhu, Tian - China
    Professor of Economics; 
    Department Chair (Economics and Decision Sciences), CEIBS 
  • Zhu, Xiaoming - China
    President (June 2006-March 2015),
    Professor of Management,
    Zhongtian Chair in Management, CEIBS 
  • Goodall, Keith - UK
    Visiting Professor of Organisational Behaviour, CEIBS;  
    Senior Teaching Faculty, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge;  
  • Gutsatz, Michel - France
    Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
    Director of DBA & MBA, Euromed Management
  • Huang, Rong - China
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting, CEIBS
    Assistant Professor of Accountancy, City University of New York-Baruch College
  • Jolly, Dominique R. - France
    Visiting Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Miller, Paddy - Spain
    Visiting Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Waldman, Charles - France
    Visiting Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Wierdsma, André - Netherlands
    Visiting Professor of Management and Organization, CEIBS
  • Ariño, Miguel Angel
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Professor of Statistics and Decision Sciences, IESE Business School
  • Arnold, David
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Adjunct Professor of Marketing, London Business School
  • Avery, Gayle Christine
    Professor of Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • Bertini, Marco
    Associate Professor of Marketing Management, ESADE
  • Brubaker, Richard - USA
    Visiting Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Carr, Lawrence

    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Professor of Management Accounting, Babson College

  • Chen, Junsong - China
    Visiting Professor of Marketing
  • Ettenson, Richard

    Visiting Professor, CEIBS
    Professor and Keickhefer Fellow of Global Marketing and Brand Strategy
    Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA


  • Faure, Guy Olivier
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Professor of Sociology, The Sorbonne University, Paris
  • Harrington, Thomas R. - USA
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration, CEIBS
    Founder and CEO, Darwin Marketing
  • Herrero, Alicia Garcia - Spain
    Chief Economist for Emerging Markets at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)
  • He, Yihong - USA
    Visiting Professor of Accounting, CEIBS
  • Huang, Jingzhi - China

    Visiting Professor, CEIBS
    Associate Professor of Finance, David H. McKinley Professor of Business

  • Huang, Philip Y. - USA
    Visiting Professor of Operations Management, CEIBS
  • Karnani, Aneel
    Associate Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business;  
    Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan
  • Loechel, Horst - Germany
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS
  • Low, Aaron H.W.
    Visiting Professor of Finance, CEIBS
  • Lu, Mingshan - Canada
    Visiting Professor of Economics, CEIBS
    Professor, Department of Economics, The University of Calgary
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, The University of Calgary
  • McKern, Bruce - Australian
    Visiting Professor of International Business, CEIBS
    Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University 
  • Merson, Rupert - UK
    Visiting Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
    Adjunct Associate Professor, London Business School
  • Moscoso, Philip G. - Spain

    Visiting Professor of Operations Management, CEIBS
    Associate Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management;
    Eurest Chair of Excellence in Services, IESE Business School

  • Mulligan, Frank - Ireland

    Visiting Professor, CEIBS

  • Murphy, William

    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Associate Professor, Marketing Department, 
    Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Pucik, Vladimir
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Adjunct Professor of Management, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Reinfeld, William - USA
    Visiting Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
  • Sexton, Donald

    Professor of Marketing and Decisions, Risk, and Operations;  
    Director, Centre on International Business Education and Research, Columbia Business School

  • Singh, Harbir
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;
    Mack Professor of Management;
    Co-Director Mack Center for Technological Innovation;
    Vice Dean, Global Initiatives
  • Stice, Earl K.
    Professor of Accounting, Brigham Young University
  • Strang, Roger
    Adjunct Professor, CEIBS; 
    Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, U.K.
  • Thompson, Mike J. - UK
    Visiting Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS;    
  • Vanhonacker, Wilfried

    Visiting Professor of Marketing, Ex-dean, CEIBS

  • Wang, Jianmao - China
    Visiting Professor of Economics, CEIBS
  • Zhang, Yuyan
    Visiting Professor, CEIBS;  
    Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics, CASS
  • Cremer, Rolf D. - Germany
    Head of Global Bridges China Forum, Germany
    Dean Emeritus, CEIBS
  • de Bettignies, Henri-Claude - France
    Professor Emeritus of Global Responsible Leadership, CEIBS
  • Mobley, William H. - USA

    Professor Emeritus of Management

  • Pastor, Alfredo - Spain
    Professor Emeritus of Economics, CEIBS
    Professor of Economics, IESE
    Banco Sabadell Chair of Emerging Markets, IESE
  • Luzon, Francisco -
    Visiting Leader, CEIBS
    Executive Vice President for Latin America, Banco Santander
  • McGarvie, Blythe -
    Visiting Leader, CEIBS
    Chief Executive Officer, LIF Group
    Director of Accenture, Viacom, and Wawa
  • Roach, Steven -
    Visiting Leader, CEIBS
    Faculty of Yale University; 
    Non-Executive Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia
  • Thoman, Richard -
    Visiting Professor and Visiting Leader, CEIBS
    Former CFO, IBM Corporation
    Former CEO, Xerox Corporation
  • Gosset, David - France
    Senior Research Associate,  
    Deputy Director for European Relations
  • Liu, Shengjun Gary

    Executive Deputy Director, CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of Int’l Finance
    Executive Director, Shanghai Institute of Digitalization and Internet Finance
    Member of Global Agenda Council, World Economic Forum (2012-2014)
    Columnist, FTChinese.com cn.WSJ.com and Caixin.com
    Person of Year 2012, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    2013 Chinese Young Economist, Beijing News

  • Lee, Hwanwoo (Howard)
    International Research Fellow
  • Ni, Xu Serene
    International Research Fellow
  • Schuh, Sebastian
    International Research Fellow
  • Wang, Qiang
    International Research Fellow
  • Zhang, Jiarui
    International Research Fellow
  • Wang, Xin Shane
    Research Fellow
  • Xu, Leiping Raymond
    Research Fellow
  • Yu, Weiguo Andy
    Research Fellow
  • Zhu, Xiaochuan Matt
    Research Fellow