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Provides access to articles on over 22,000 public and private companies including description and history, current stock quote, financial data, competitors, and the latest news on business activities.

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LANGUAGE: 22 languages


Next generation online business information service and the successor to Factiva's established web based services, Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing. It provides access to the most current collection of global news and business information; including 93 same-day newswires and thousands of sources in 22 languages from 118 countries£¬ detailed as:

  1. Full text daily news and archives of more than 1500 online newspapers such as: The Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, International Herald Tribune etc.

  2. Full text contents of more than 3200 Business online journals such as The Economists, Harvard Business Review, and Far Eastern Economic Review etc.

  3. 500 newswires, 160 media program information from BBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox etc.

  4. More than 30000 company information


UPDATE: Daily / upon the type of the information



    Click "e-database" button on the web page of CEIBS library and then click the link of "Factiva.com" to enter. Enter now>>>

    • Simple Search: Search Factiva's global archive using words and phrases.
    • Advanced Search: Use indexing and other power searching features.
    • Track and News Page: Monitor current events from your custom News Page.
    • Company Research: Pull together vital company information in seconds.

Please use the Briefcase function during your search of Factiva.com. Whereby, if you place an article in the Briefcase and review it within 12 hours, you will not be charged duplicated.

Custom Report is charged including the following items about a company (when applicable): Stock quotes, Business Description, Financial Snapshot, Snapshot Plus Profile, Comparison of Company/Industry Report, 5 Latest News Stories, 5 Latest Press Releases, 5 Latest Trade Articles.

Any problem, please contact us at:
Tel: 28905243, 28905245
E-mail: librefer@ceibs.edu