Strategic Sales Force Management

Date: October 26-28, 2018
Venue: Shanghai

English with sequential Chinese interpretation
Programme Fee: 
RMB 29,800

Programme Fee includes tuition, case licensing fees, lunches, stationery, other course materials, interpretation and translation fees if required. The full fee must be paid within two weeks upon receipt of the payment notice. Applications made within 30 days of the start of a programme require immediate payment. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.


During this intensive three-day programme, managers will explore practical, easy-to-apply approaches to managing their sales force strategically and effectively. We will consider sales strategies in many types of industries and will be happy to discuss any specific issues or problems faced by the participants.

Interactive lecture/discussions, supplemented with study guides, provide the structure for the programme. International case studies and hands-on exercises are used to show how to implement the concepts and approaches. Key points are made clear and relevant by drawing on the experiences of the participants as well as describing real-life illustrations from a variety of industries involving both products and services.


The programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to manage the efforts of their sales force so that business objectives are achieved and they receive a high return on their sales force resources. An important aspect of the programme is the sharing of experiences among participants during the sessions, exercises and case analyses.


Anyone who manages or expects to manage a sales force will benefit from this programme, including sales managers, marketing managers, sales representatives, general managers and business managers. In addition, managers who need to understand sales force issues, such as new product managers, will find this programme valuable. Participants in previous programmes have included managers from a variety of industries: business-to-business, consumer, products and services.

Comments From Participants 

I was deeply impressed by the programme, because rather than echoing what the books say, the professor chose to extract key points from general theories and have them condensed in a 3-day programme. His teaching style was quite agreeable to the participants, becasue it enabled us to seize the key points with ease. At the same time, theoretical points were organically woven in each case, and each case was analysed through a combination of theory and practice. The professor also attached great importance to in-class interaction with participants, and gave us full motivation to study.

Gao Yunlong
Vice General Manager
Camco International Carbon Assets Consulting (Beijing) Co., ltd.


The Strategic Sales Force Management programme explained the differences among market strategy, sales strategy and sales representative strategy, as well as their correlation, in a systematic way. It is highly instructive in practical job.

Wu Ning
Sales Manager
Huntsman Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Ltd.


The Strategic Sales Force Management programme explained the differences among market strategy, sales strategy and sales representative strategy, as well as their correlation, in a systematic way. It is a highly instructive and practical programme.

WU Ning
Sales Manager
Huntsman Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Ltd.

The programme offers me new insight on how to establish a strategic marketing system. By setting aside sufficient time for communication between participants and professors, the programme has inspired new ideas. It is a very relaxed and pleasant learning experience.

Dong Shungang
General Manager
COFCO Brewing Materials Co., Ltd.


The professor provides a link between marketing and negotiations and help to distill concepts from the general market conditions to the sales organisation and strategy. The instructor was lively, illustrative and specific. Excellent programme!

Emmanuel Hemmerle
Retail Pharmacy Director
Zuellig Pharma China


This programme has clearly explained the three levels of sales management, i.e. marketing strategy management, sales strategy management and salesforce management. It has well covered sales management knowledge applicable to all levels from decision-makers to individual salespeople. Therefore it is quite suitable for middle and senior managers in marketing or sales positions.

Jeffrey Ren
Sales Director
ABB Shanghai Transformer Co., Ltd.


CEIBS' Strategic Sales Force Management programme focuses on strategic thinking in sales. I have learnt to consider sales tactics from a strategic perspective so as to chart the right course in a highly competitive environment. The ideas I have obtained are all brand new and are not presented in other sales programmes. It is an excellent programme.

Jiang Hong
Sales Director
Chengdu CCS Optical Fibre Cable Co., Ltd.



Participants in this programme will learn how to:

  • Transform a sales-oriented organisation into one that is both marketing and sales oriented
  • Help sales managers and marketing managers work together to create and implement more powerful strategies
  • Formulate plans and strategies for the sales manager, district manager and sales representative that are effective in achieving business objectives
  • Apply methods of diagnosing problems in sales territories
  • Target markets and customers
  • Position products and services
  • Allocate sales efforts among products, services, markets and customers
  • Approach negotiations with customers
  • Identify and sell to key accounts
  • Evaluate the impact of rewards for the sales force
  • Manage and motivate sales people to perform at the highest levels


Day 1


  • The Sales Management Job
    • How the selling environment has changed
    • The four tasks of today’s sales manager
    • The sales manager and the marketing plan
    • How to get marketing and sales to work together


  • Formulating Marketing Strategies
    • The four major components of a marketing strategy
    • How marketing strategies guide sales strategies
    • Targeting markets and customers
    • Setting marketing objectives
    • Positioning for effective selling
    • Assembling the marketing strategy
  • Workshop: Evaluating the Performance of a Sales Territory
Day 2
  • Workshop: Evaluating the Performance of a Sales Representative
  • Formulating Sales Strategies
    • How to develop an effective sales strategy
    • Setting sales objectives
    • Allocating time and effort among products, services, markets and customers
    • Selling strategy
  • Formulating Sales Representative Strategies
    • Purposes of a sales representative strateg
    • Setting sales representative objectives
    • Developing the sales representative plan
    • Determining effort by account
    • Managing time
    • The selling process
Day 3
  • Negotiating for Objectives
    • Negotiation approaches
    • Managing the negotiation process
  • Workshop: Negotiating with a Key Customer
  • Formulating Key Account Strategies
    • Reasons for key account strategies
    • Identifying key accounts
    • Components of a key account strategy
  • Managing for Superior Performance
    • How to manage and motivate sales representatives
    • The seven drivers of performance
    • Compensation and performance
    • Characteristics of successful sales representatives
    • Characteristics of successful sales managers
    • Managing the seven drivers to achieve high performance
  • Workshop: Managing and Motivating the Sales Force
  • Review of the Programme

Programme Director

Admissions Procedures
Applications are requested at least 30 days before the programme start date. Applications are reviewed as they arrive and admissions are subject to the final confirmation of CEIBS. Any applications received after that date will be considered on the basis of space availability. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.

Any cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the programme start date is eligible for a full refund of programme fees paid. However, the expenses arising therefrom shall be for the account of the applicant or his/her employer. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the programme start date shall be subject to a fee of 20 percent of the total programme fee. After the programme starts, no fees shall be refunded for participants who withdraw from the programme for any reason.

To ensure the continuity of your learning, you are required to make proper arrangements according to the course schedule after receiving your letter of enrollment. We will neither make up lessons for you nor confer you with the certificate of completion if you are absent from the course for personal reasons. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.

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