Platform Strategy and Transformation

Date: May 22-23, 2017
Venue: Shanghai

Programme Fee: 
RMB 24,800

Programme Fee includes tuition, case licensing fees, lunches, stationery, other course materials, interpretation and translation fees if required.
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The platform business model has grown very rapidly in recent years. It is not only reshaping people’s lives, but playing an important role in global business competition as well. Such a business model has been spreading contagiously across various industries, including social networking, e-commerce, package delivery, credit cards, third party payment, web search, Internet games, real estate development, commodities and futures exchange, and air and land transportation hubs. Among the world’s 100 largest companies, 60 have earned most of their revenues by resorting to such a business model. These companies include Apple, Cisco, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, NTT, Vodafone, just to name a few. Chinese enterprises like Taobao, Baidu, Tencent, Kaixin001, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shanda are also building up their presence to earn more profits through the platform business model.

The programme uses a combination of cases, readings, lectures, and group exercise to systematically elaborate on the key concepts pertaining to platform business model and provide an empirical thinking and analysis framework. The readings and lectures are based on cutting-edge theories in strategy and economics. The case studies provide an opportunity to integrate and apply analytical tools in practical contexts. The case discussion covers a broad range of industries (e.g. mobile communication market, Internet, digital reading, business education, the third party payment, social networking, property management, real estate development, retailing...etc) in China and the world. Participants can expect to learn how to design and grow a platform business.


Developed from the latest research results of the professor, this programme aims to help participants to address the distinctive opportunities and management challenges facing the platform business, understand the ecosystem composed of both platform providers and cooperation partners, learn to design and develop specific platform businesses and thus add new competitiveness to their companies.


This programme is designed for senior executives whose companies are intended to develop and explore platform business, or further leverage the advantages of platform business to build up their competitiveness. Participating executives typically include corporate decision-makers such as board chairs, CEOs, presidents, general managers, general managers of business units, vice presidents of corporate development, vice presidents of corporate strategy, and managing directors.


This programme will help participants:

  • Think outside the box, and reconsider the business model and strategic positioning of their companies
  • Identify the business opportunities and management challenges presented by platform business model
  • Refer to the successful experience of Chinese and foreign enterprises in employing the platform business model
  • Understand basic concepts of platform business, develop and modify platform strategy in a proper and timely manner to facilitate the sound and stable growth of their companies
  • Update their strategic thinking to sharpen business competitiveness through platform strategy


Day 1

Platform Design and Growth

  • Define the user sides, identify the subsidized side and the money side
  • Platform growth: a chicken-egg conundrum
  • User growth strategy and critical mass point
  • Case: Shanda Cloudary: Building an Online Literature Platform
  • Case: PayPal Merchant Services

Platform Competition and Development

  • Open or proprietary  
  • First mover advantage or quality assurance
  • Threat of disintermediation
  • Threat of development
  • Case: Nokia and the new mobile ecosystem (A): Competing in the age of Internet mobile convergence
  • Case: E-reading Platform Competition (A): Amazon, Apple and Google
Day 2


Developing Platform Business Exercise

  • Real estate: new city/town development by government, real estate development, residence management service 
  • Group discussion and experience sharing
  • Commerce: 360buy vs. Taobao, group-buying
  • Social networking: QQ, Dianping, microblogging
  • Finance: third party payment, internalization of China UnionPay
  • Culture & entertainment: CEIBS, digital video, artwork auction

Leveraging Platform Business Model 

  • Pros and cons of platform business model
  • Growing with platforms  
  • Challenges in transforming to platform business
  • Case: Best Buy in China (A)
  • Case: Nokia and the new mobile ecosystem (B):Burning Platform 

Programme Director

Wei-ru, CHEN

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Any cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the programme start date is eligible for a full refund of programme fees paid. However, the expenses arising therefrom shall be for the account of the applicant or his/her employer. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the programme start date shall be subject to a fee of 20 percent of the total programme fee. After the programme starts, no fees shall be refunded for participants who withdraw from the programme for any reason.

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