Started in 2015, the CEIBS eLab has become an important incubator for entrepreneurial ventures created within the CEIBS community. Through the IDEA Challenge Programme, 50 business ventures (14 in Batch 1 and 36 in Batch 2) initiated by MBA, EMBA, GEMBA and alumni have successfully entered different stages of incubation, including Idea, Design, Evaluation and Acceleration. The ventures represent the newest generation of CEIBS innovators and cover a variety of sectors and business models. All will benefit from a new investment initiative led by two CEIBS EMBA alumni Mr. Wang Zhonghui and Mr. Yu Jianghong whose ChairMan Fund will provide support to the CEIBS eLab. In March 3, 2016, CEIBS eLab concluded its Inaugural MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp where 60 participants completed three instructional modules: Innovation Strategy, Entrepreneurship Practices and Venture Capital Connection. The venue: the CEIBS eLab headquarters at the CEIBS Shanghai Campus.


Dec 1, 2017
eLab Thanksgiving Fiesta

Nov 17, 2017
Entrepreneurship Strategy & China’s Venture Ecosystem

Nov 03, 2017
eLab x WECAN Demo Day

Nov 02, 2017
Perfecting your Business Plan


Nov 01, 2017
MBA eLab Dances with Gorillas

March 03, 2017
Greed vs. Fear: How to Partner with Investors

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 12


February 28, 2017
Embracing Change Determines Your Future

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 11


February 28, 2017


February 21, 2017
Disruptive Entrepreneurship

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 10


February 14, 2017
Elements of Entrepreneurship Strategy

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 9


February 13, 2017
eLab Celebrates Valentine’s Day


November 29, 2016
Preparing for an IPO

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 8


November 24, 2016
Thanksgiving Fiesta

- CEIBS eLab

November 22, 2016
Demo Day 

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

November 21, 2016
Session 7. Business Model & Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

November 19, 2016
Session 6. Dancing with Gorillas

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

November 11, 2016
Session 5. Lean Startup

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

November 4, 2016
Session 4. The Importance of Synergistic Partnerships

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

October 21, 2016
Session 3. Ins & Outs of Venture Funding

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

October 14, 2016
Session 2.eLab Boot Camp

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

September 26, 2016
CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Kickoff

- CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

March 03, 2016
Bootcamp closing ceremony

Written by: Dennis Bridgeforth, Sophia Wu, Michael Tang

February 25, 2016
How to pitch for investors?

Written by Arie Fasman, Peilei Mu, Michael Tang

February 22, 2016
Elab kicked off its 2016 bootcamp

Written by Dennis Bridgeforth, Peilei Mu, Michael Tang

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CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Sep. 2016—Feb. 2017
Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Join a journey with entrepreneurial inspiration and transformation! This 4-month certificate program is mainly intended for early-stage start-ups who need a high-level entrepreneurial thinking and training. The program covers 3-module lectures, Demo Days, creative design tour and optional overseas tour.

Program Structure



CEIBS Faculty

Pedro Nueno
President, Chengwei Ventures Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

Ramakrishna Velamuri
Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

Shameen Prashantham
Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy, CEIBS

Yan Gong
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

Vincent Chang
Director of CEIBS eLab, CEIBS

Industry Practitioners
  • San Eng, CEO, Xcelerate Investment
  • Kenny Lam, Group President, Noah Holdings Limited
  • Hope Ni, Chairman & CEO, Inspire Capital
  • Mars Ren, Founder & CEO, GET
  • Greg Ye, Managing Partner, Delta Capital


Tuition & Application

Seats: Total 70

  • 30 reserved for CEIBS eLab members: 800 RMB
  • 20 for CEIBS MBA students: 1,800 RMB
  • 20 for non-CEIBS entrepreneurs: 16,800 RMB (Half scholarship if Certificate of Completion is grated.)


  • Deadlines: Round 1: Jun. 20, 2016.  Round 2: Sep. 20, 2016.
  • Michael Tang (Captain): 18621588027, WeChat: Herrtang, tjin.m17@ceibs.edu
  • MBA Class 2018: Application starts on Sep. 14, 2016.

Raymond Feng
Partner, Atom Ventures

Lian Min
Professor for MBA class, Xiamen University

Wenjing Peng
Managing Director, G Cloud Capital

William Pu 
Managing Director, Guohe Capital

Lijie Wang
Co-founder, PreAngel


Zhonghui Wang
Investment Partner & Managing Director, Zero2IPO VC funds

Sky Xie
Investment Director, Fosun Angel Investment department of Fosun Group

Greg Ye
Managing Partner & Founder, Delta Capital


Wilson Zhou
Chinese partner, Fooshin Corporation



Xinhua Zhou
Co-founder, Zhongwei Capital

Xinxin Cui
Managing Director, Shenzhen Share Capital

San Eng
Founder & Chairman, Xcelerate


Kenny Lam
Group President, Noah Holdings Limited


Brent Li
Strategy consultant, Intel maker space & startup accelerator

Mike Qian Miao
President, China Network Co., Ltd.

Brian Xie
Founder, Holaverse

Christina Yang
Partner, DreamT Incubator

Billy Yao
Founder, PPTV Media Corporation