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China’s Internet Finance Fight

Volume 3, 2014

It’s every less-than-honest supplier’s dream: millions of customers, with limited understanding of a product’s risk, eager to spend their money, and little or no regulation in sight. That’s one way to look at Internet finance in China; but it’s not the whole picture. Most economists see Internet finance, and some of its more creative products, as a much-needed shock to China’s sluggish traditional banking sector.  While it’s hard to pinpoint any single product that’s been truly innovative, the impact that Internet finance has had on the country‘s financial system is nothing short of revolutionary. It’s expected that the frenzy will begin to die down over the next few years but for now there are big changes on the horizon – banking licenses for Alibaba and Tencent within a year, interest rate liberalisation within 2-3 years – that will shift the balance of power on both sides of the battle between the old and the new.  

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