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The First China Future Energy Forum 2013

Forum Theme and Background:

Value Creation in the Energy Industry

Energy is the fuel of the Chinese economy. After more than three decades of rapid growth, China’s energy sector today faces the dual challenges of environmental degradation and resource limitations. Coal is still too large a portion of the energy mix and creates worrisome environmental problems, while renewable energy is still held back by technical bottlenecks and its comparatively lower economic efficiency. Overall, efficient energy utilization is relatively low in China, which further underscores the arduousness of the task to improve energy conservation and reduce emissions. China’s high dependence on foreign strategic energy resources such as oil and natural gas has limited the country to a passive role in the international competition and cooperation over energy. 

In order to become more competitive in this global arena, China must step up its efforts in three areas: institutional reforms, market operations, and business models. The government should improve energy legislation, simplify the regulatory system, build a sound market mechanism, encourage and guide technological innovation, and create a friendlier business environment. Businesses should fully exploit the commercial potential of the energy industry and explore business models for sustainable market and corporate development. In addition, China’s energy sector should learn from the successful energy reforms of the US, Europe, Japan, and other developed economies.

Utilizing the case study method practiced at leading business schools, this forum, jointly organized by CEIBS and Economy & Nation Weekly, will bring together top academics and executives from leading international enterprises along with government officials to discuss the hot-button issues facing the energy sector today. Panellists will analyze international cases, and discuss successful models and their implications for China’s energy reforms and business strategies. The forum aims to build a platform to foster future intellectual exchange and value creation in the energy industry.