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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CEIBS MBA Student Participates in St. Gallen Symposium in Zurich

May 6, 2014. Shanghai – CEIBS MBA 2015 student Ken Lin is making his way to Zurich, Switzerland today to represent CEIBS at the 44th St. Gallen Symposium. One of the most globally renowned student-organized forums, it brings together accomplished business and government leaders and young talents from around the world for a provocative exchange of ideas on topics of management, politics and civil society. The theme for this year’s event is “The Clash of Generations”.

“I’m honoured to be selected to represent CEIBS at this event. I look at this forum not only as an event where I can absorb knowledge and connect with brilliant minds from around the world, but also as an opportunity for me to challenge these great minds and existing world norms,” said Ken. “I want to challenge the status quo to create the world I want.”

During the two-day Symposium, which begins May 8, he will participate in discussions that explore the rising disparity in attitudes, expectations, aspirations and achievements between today’s generation of established leaders and the leaders of tomorrow among the generation dubbed “millennials” in the West, and “the post-90s generation” in China. 

Ken was born in Thailand, and has also lived in Hong Kong and the US. Before beginning his MBA studies at CEIBS he worked at Gannett, Welsh and Kotler, a Boston-based wealth management firm. He received his undergraduate degree from Babson College, where he majored in Finance and Family Business. After he completes his MBA studies at CEIBS he is planning to change careers and work in the sports industry.

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