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Friday, August 29, 2014

CEIBS MBA Career Report 2014

August 29, 2014. Shanghai – The MBA Office today released the CEIBS MBA Career Report. During the recruitment season, 340 companies made 1,087 positions available to 189 CEIBS MBA students through the school's Career Development Centre (CDC). Within three months after graduation, 95.6% of the graduates reported having received at least one offer and 91.9% have accepted the offer. The average salary increase is 95.5% and 74.4% of graduates achieved career switches. Among the other highlights of the report:

- 16.8% graduates chose to start their career overseas and nine of them stayed in Europe;

- 77.1% of overseas students remained in the Asia Pacific Region, among them 55.9% remained in China;

- As in past years, the top three industries that attracted graduates are Financial Services (21.9%), Manufacturing (17.5%) and Technology (16.1%).

CEIBS MBA Career Report 2014

Salaries have also been impressive this year, with more than half of the graduates landing jobs with annual salaries ranging from RMB300,000 to RMB500,000. School resources were the source of 65.4% of the student job opportunities.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, demand for high-caliber business professionals has grown rapidly. An increasing number of businesses are offering leadership development programmes (LDP) to MBA students from CEIBS. After entering an LDP, graduates usually find themselves rotated between different geographic areas and/or different departments in the company and quickly become an essential resource for the company they have joined. Sixty companies released 77 LDP opportunities to CEIBS graduates this year. LDP recruiters are highly selective about their partnerships with business schools, and many cooperate with CEIBS as their exclusive partner, or as one of only a handful of partners in Asia. More than half of the LDP openings that CEIBS students have been recruited for have been at a global level and a number of companies have been so impressed with the performance of their CEIBS recruit that they have expanded their partnerships with CEIBS.

Ford, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Dianping.com, DuPont, Education First, Fosun Group, Infosys, Roche and Samsung all hired more than three students each.

Amazon, ANZ, Boston Consulting Group, Dow Chemical, GE, Hay Group, Legend Capital, McKinsey, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nike, Pingan Asset Management, Reckitt Benckiser, Roland Berger and UBS are also among the recruiters.

For more information, please download the career report.
Recruiters are welcome to contact us regarding recruiting opportunities. Please contact our Career Development Centre: +86 21 2890 5142, or cdc@ceibs.edu.