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Monday, March 24, 2014

CEIBS MBA 2013 China Discovery Week

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CEIBS MBA 2013 China Discovery Week
Professor Liang Neng speaking at China Discovery Week

CEIBS MBA 2013 students focussed on improving their “China Depth” this week during the programme’s highly-anticipated China Discovery Week which saw CEIBS’ outstanding faculty and other expert speakers deliver a series of lectures on a wide range of aspects of business and economy in China. CEIBS Dean and Vice President Hellmut Schütte opened the door with a lecture entitled, Competition in China and Beyond. Other topics covered included:
- Structural Issues and Growth Prospects of the Chinese Economy by Professor of Economics Zhu Tian;
- The Financial System in China by Professor of Finance & Accounting and Co-Director of the CEIBS Kaifeng Centre for Family Heritage Oliver Rui;
 - The Development of E-Commerce in China: the Past, the Present, and the Future by Professor of Marketing Wang Gao;
- Why is Health Care Reform So Difficult? China and the US Comparison by Director of CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management & Policy John Cai;
- China with Urban Characteristics by Dr. Jonathan Woetzel, a Director of McKinsey & Company;
- Leadership and Life of Chinese Executives: Two qualitative studies by Professor of Management and Director of CEIBS Case Development Centre Liang Neng;
- Issues on Traffic Congestion by Professor of Finance Zhang Yimin;
- Building Up a Firm Life through Learning Chinese Philosophy by Mr. Yin Jianwei, former VP Texas Instruments, Asia region;
- Transformation of Chinese Companies through Supply Chain and Service Innovations by Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Zhao Xiande;
- HRM/Talent Management in China by Associate Professor of Management, Co-Director of CEIBS Centre on Innovation Han Jian;
- Entrepreneurism and Value Creation by CEIBS Associate Dean, Professor of Accounting and Essilor Chair of Accounting Professor Xu Dingbo.