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Disruptive Innovation Contest & 2013 CEIBS China Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp Graduation Ceremony

April 1th, 2014 Creators at CEIBS: Defining the Mavericks and Performing Miracles
It is an era marked by astounding milestones.
The completely unknown can have a meteoric rise to fame overnight; a so-called tycoon can fall down in no time.
“If you don't change, you die.”
Previous overlords such as Nokia, Blackberry and HTC are struggling for survival; emerging giants including Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are advancing carefully and cautiously.
It is a brutal era in which the survival or death of a business hinges on the decision made in a moment; it is also a beautiful era in which the impossible becomes possible.
On this June 1st, CEIBS is to host a disruptive innovation contest and graduation ceremony for 2013 China Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp. Seven Star instructors including Mr. Steve Ji, Mr. Chuan Thor, Prof. Chen Weiru, Mr. Chen Weixing, Mr. Hong Qinghua, Mr. Wang Xuning and Mr. Yang Jiongwei, together with vanguards from various sectors will get together and spark a heated debate on site. The event will be hosted by Prof. Gong Yan. Prof. Kevin Li will give a keynote speech on disruptive innovation in the era of mobile Internet.
We are looking forward to having you join us to feel the power of disruption!

12:30       Registration
13:00-13:05  Welcome address
            Prof. Zhu Xiaoming, Executive President, CEIBS
13:05-15:25  Disruptive Innovation Contest
            (7 participants: 15-minute performance per person; 5-minute comment per participant)
15:25-16:10  Keynote speech- Disruptive Innovation in the Era of Mobile Internet
            Prof. Kevin Li, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
16:10-16:20  Coffee break
16:20-16:25  Address
Prof. Velamuri, S. Ramakrishna, Academic Chair, CEIBS Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment (CCEI)
16:25-17:25 Launch ceremony of the documentary about the CEIBS China Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp
17:25-18:25  Conferral of graduation certificates and awards

Guest speakers to be invited:
Faculty and Experts
Prof. Zhang Weijiong, Professor of Strategy, Vice President & Co-Dean, CEIBS
Prof. Chen Weiru, Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS
Prof. Kevin Li, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
Prof. Wang Gao, Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Prof. Katherine Xin, Professor of Management, CEIBS
Mr. Jin Guang, Senior Market Specialist, Taobao.com; Founder, Tao Brands
Mr. Steve Ji, Director, Sequoia Capital China
Mr. Chuan Thor, Managing Director, Highland Capital Partners
Mr. Andrew Y. YAN, Managing Partner, SAIF Partners
Mr. Bai Wentao, Executive Partner, Share Capital
Mr. Sha Ye, Partner, Chengwei Capital
Ms. Zheng Jie, CEO, Chrysler Group (China) Sales Limited
Mr. Chen Weixing, Founder, Kuaidadi.com
Mr. John Fu, Founder, Fengshou Crab
Mr. Hong Qinghua, Chairman & CEO, Lvmama, Joyu International Tourism Operation Group
Mr. Wang Xuning, Chairman, Joyoung Co. Ltd.
Mr. Yang Jiongwei, CEO, MediaV Information Technology Shanghai Co Ltd.