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FMBA Admission Manager招生经理上海-00259

Finance MBA

Major responsibilitieis:


1 Closely work with key financial enterprises and promote FMBA brand through B2B channel;

2 Plan, organize and participate FMBA program branding and promotional activities;

3 Properly handle inquiries and leads, provide admission counseling and evaluate application;

4 Market intelligence and analysis;

5 Other tasks assigned by department leader.


Basic requirements:


1 Bachelor degree or above, MBA preferred;

2 8+ years experience with MNC in Business Development, Customer Service or Sales function; Understanding of either business education or financial industry is a plus;

3 Mature, professional and self-motivated;

4 Good communication and interpersonal skills;

5 Team spirit.

Please send your cover letter and resume to fdavid@ceibs.edu