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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Career Development Centre Hosts MBA Career Exploration Day

September 21, 2014. Shanghai – Senior executives from the healthcare, investment banking, management consulting, venture capital and private equity and E-commerce sectors shared market trends and career development insights with CEIBS MBA students today during the fifth Career Exploration Day hosted by the CEIBS Career Development Centre. The speakers described their own career paths, analyzed the talents requirements and offered advice to students on making the most of the opportunities provided by the CEIBS MBA Programme.

Career Development Centre Hosts MBA Career Exploration Day
From left: David Sun, Zhang Hui and Marshall Sun

The speakers and their topics were:

-  Management Consulting: Mr. John Shen (MBA 1999), Senior Partner at Accenture
-  Healthcare: CEIBS Alumni David Sun (MBA2012), Senior Sales Force Effectiveness Manager at Eli Lilly and Hui Zhang(MBA2009) of global medical device provider LeMaitre.
-  Private Equity/Venture Capital: CEIBS MBA alumnus Marshall Sun (MBA2001), Managing Director of Prax Capital
-  Investment Banking: Adjunct Professor of Finance Bob Yang
-  Career in e-Commerce Industry: Felix Liu, VP, Amazon

John Shen first introduced management consulting. He emphasized the qualities that are essential for this industry: analytical capability, communication skills, expertise and innovation. “Management consulting means life long learning and being ready for a challenge at any time”.

Investment is also a popular field among MBA graduates. Marshall Sun and Prof. Bob Yang introduced investment products and their role in the markets. Prof. Bob Yang encouraged students to decide their career path based on their advantages, rather than the market situation. “If you are suitable for this job, pursue it,” he said. 

At the healthcare and E-commerce sessions, Felix, David and Hui shared things they have learned through their personal experiences.

The Career Development Centre (CDC) will continue to organize more career related events. The 2014-2015 Recruitment Season launched in September. Jobs and internships are welcome. Recruiters can contact the CDC at +86-21-2890 5142 or cdc@ceibs.edu.