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EU-China MBA Scholarships

The high cost of international education both in China and abroad means that economic ability - rather than academic qualifications and ability -- determines opportunities to receive higher education for many Chinese students. The EU-China BMT project aims to provide disadvantaged students, especially those from the poorest Chinese provinces, with access to education and training through scholarship schemes. Furthermore, the programme contributes to a more balanced development of China through special assistance and scholarships for disadvantaged persons in China, with an emphasis on achieving gender balance.

This activity grants scholarships to promising students originating from poorer regions in Western, Central and North-Eastern China to enroll in CEIBS MBA programme. Gender equality will be respected in the scholarships granted.

In total, 60 students from disadvantaged provinces of China will be awarded scholarships at CEIBS for the duration of the MBA programme (18 months). The Scholarship Selection Board will award six First Tier EU Scholarship (EURO 20,000), and six Second Tier EU Schorlarship (EURO 10,000).

2011 EU Scholarship Winners       Related news

- First Tier EU Scholarship 
 - XIE Yaqin
 - YU Kai
 - GUO Qiushan
 - WAN Jin
 - CAI Jianwen
 - Hu Zhangqin

- Second Tier EU Scholarship 
 - PENG Xiao
 - ZHANG Shujing
 - ZHAO Jie
 - LI Ting
 - Lei Tingting
 - Liu Lan

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2008 EU Scholarship Winners

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