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Beijing 798 Chapter Launched

Volume 1, 2014

The worlds of art and business got a little bit closer together on November 16 when more than 60 alumni from Wangjing commercial area in Chaoyang District and surrounding areas gathered in the 798 Art Zone for the launch of CEIBS Alumni Association (CAA) Beijing 798 Chapter. This is the first district-level chapter established in Beijing.

The event provided attendees with an excellent opportunity to learn more about Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, thanks to an overview by CEO of Beijing Sevenstar Science & Technology Wang Yanling (EMBA 2002). He expressed his hope that the CAA Beijing 798 Chapter will become a platform of cooperation and communication for CEIBS alumni working and living within or near the 798 Art Zone. The chapter’s mission, he added is to: foster artistic appreciation, spread aesthetic knowledge, deepen aesthetic understanding, strengthen communication, boost cooperation and promote mutual success among alumni. The launch, which had a clear art-centred focus, also included a keynote speech by Professor Han Jianghe from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He spoke about the “Appreciation and Collection of Artworks”, and touched on issues such as the development of the current artwork market.

After the 13-member elected council was announced (see box), Operations Director of CEIBS Beijing Campus Xiao Bin presented the Chapter with its official CAA certificate.

Then, amid warm applause from those present, Xiao Bin and Wang Yanling unveiled a plaque to mark the establishment of the “CAA Beijing 798 Chapter”. The beautiful calligraphy on the plaque was the work of famous calligrapher and painter Xiao Li. All alumni signed their names on the back of the plaque to mark the historic founding of the Beijing 798 Chapter.


798 Chapter Council Members

Su Ling  (DIMP 1999)
Xie Zhen  (MBA 2000)
Liu Xuesong  (EMBA 2001)
Feng Jiansheng  (MBA 2001)
Wang Yanling  (President, EMBA 2002)
He Li  (EMBA 2002)
Li Yan  (General Secretary, EMBA 2004)
Zuo Yonggang  (EMBA 2004)
Mao Sipian  (EMBA 2007)
Quan Hongbing  (EMBA 2008)
Xiao Feng  (EMBA 2009)
Gao Xiang  (EMBA 2009) 
Jiang Guangcheng  (EMBA 2012)