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Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training


Human Dynamics Laboratory - Interpersonal Skills for Leadership Success
Individual and organizational success increasingly depends on our ability to work effectively with others. In today's ever more interdependent world the interpersonal and procedural challenges often equal or exceed technical issues involved.

Getting the right people involved, on the right tasks, at the right time in the right way is critical to success. Thus, mastering human or interpersonal dynamics can be as complex and important as mastering technical challenges. This circumstance presents an unparalleled opportunity for those who understand the impact of interpersonal dynamics and are able to deftly apply this knowledge to each organizational challenge. In other words, a proficiency in interpersonal relations is key to success.

Mastering Human Dynamics
Acquiring and developing proficiency with interpersonal dynamics requires much more than simply reading a book or attending a lecture. Even repeatedly practicing new behaviors is of minimal effect. The practice needs to be supported with timely, informed assessments presented in context. A recent Harvard Business Review article states that when the skills to be learned involve interpersonal relations – learning by doing, with feedback from a knowledgeable coach -creates deep understanding.
Obtaining this level of guidance in the midst of our existing relationships is extremely difficult. A better solution is to create a learning environment where the facilitator's expertise is applied, in the moment, to the array of unpredictable, context specific responses possible in real-life interactions.

Program Overview
This dynamic and interactive program for upper level professionals will increase your awareness of human dynamics and the impact your actions have at every level of your organization. You will get insights into your leadership and decision-making style that are rarely available to you in your daily interactions. Through real-time feedback from peers, you will enhance your effectiveness and hone your skills in management and teamwork. The program includes a series of preliminary assessments and supplemental activities to guide and reinforce your learning experience.

What will you learn?
- Increase awareness of how your behavior affects others
- Improve your communication skills
- Gain a deeper understanding of group development and group dynamics
- Become more aware of diversity issues
- Understand the immediate and long-term impact of your leadership and communication styles
- Manage resistance to change within yourself and in your organization
- Develop more effective management and teamwork skills that will enable you to lead a more effective management team
- Approach diversity as a building block to strengthen your organization
- Maximize diverse perspectives for high performance
- Share insights on common challenges faced by your peers and benefit from their combined wisdom and experience

Your key learning points will be in how to develop and sustain a mastery of the human relations skills needed to lead others to organizational success

Who will benefit?
If you are a senior executive or manager who
- interacts regularly with external stakeholders
- inherited a management team or has new management responsibility
- works across departments
- must coordinate activities of many work groups
- is responsible for a strategic transition
- needs to create greater alignment with your management team