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Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training


Women in Leadership Program                               
December, Shanghai (Chinese/Partly English with Chinese interpretation)
Rapid economic development over the past three decades has established a huge stage for Chinese women to demonstrate their great potentials. Although many have shown a flare, only a few have become leading actresses on this economic stage. According to statistics, female executives account for around 20% of the management in a company. In the newly-announced Forbes List of 400 Richest Persons in China, females only account for 7%, and included in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in the World are only three Chinese women. What is restricting Chinese women from advancing their career development and exerting their influence in a much broader field?
 The program is designed to motivate and enhance managerial skills and leadership of women managers and executives, launch an in-depth discussion on how to release their potentials and cope with the unique challenges of women leaders in a cultural and corporate context.
 Who Should Attend:
 Women from middle or senior management who have minimum 5-year management experience and who wish to elevate their leadership development while maintaining a balance between family and work, will benefit from this program. Male participants in senior management or executive roles who wish to better understand the gender differences, how to leverage this uniqueness to a greater corporate success and foster a strong developmental platforms for their female colleagues, will also benefit from a deeper understanding of the issues covered in this program. We encourage supervisors or subordinates of female managers to attend as it will help to facilitate a greater exchange and dialog toward a mutual understanding on related issues.
 Program Benefits:
 Participants in this program will be able to:

  •  Gain a clear understanding of your own leadership style and management potential, learn to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in management practice and live in harmony with male peers as well as superiors and subordinates;
  •  Set a well-defined goal, make clear pursuit in life and work out an effective strategic plan
  •  Develop a global mindset, broaden horizons, and explore upside potentials of females in management and leading positions
  •  Learn how to release and adjust pressure, consider pressure from a positive perspective, and bravely meet challenges
  •  Allocate your time effectively and channel your energy wisely to balance career development with family life
  •  Communicate and exchange with the professor on an individual basis and work out individual leadership improvement plan with specific objectives in mind
  •  Free invitations to attend the Forum on Female Leadership organized by CEIBS 

 Program Coverage:

  •  Women in Today's World
  •  Different Voices
  •  Journey to Growth
  •  Leadership Attributes 
  •  Art of Balance
  •  Professional Renaissance
  •  Psychology of Gender
  •  Breaking Through Glass Ceiling in Career Advancement
  •  Career Development
  •  Career Design & Human Resources Management 


Program Director: Professor Jean Lee