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B-school Businesses

Volume 1, 2014

Ask any b-school graduate and he or she will tell you that one of the biggest gains from all that time spent studying and working on projects together is the bond formed among classmates. For some, that bond lasts well after the cap and gown have been folded and put away. It often takes shape as business ventures: some hatched as class projects, others that grew out of informal discussions around the water cooler and other ideas that came after graduation but needed the b-school knowledge and bond to make them work.

In this cover story, TheLINK looks at why business schools are such fertile grounds for entrepreneurial ventures and we provide real-life examples by looking at a number of collaborations by our alumni.

Read on for more in:

-  The Partner Principle: How b-school study helps entrepreneurs find business partners

-  From Friendship to Entrepreneurship

-  ScanCorner: Preserving a Lifetime of Memories

-  Jimubox.com: Dark Horse of Internet Finance

-  bj-doctor.cn: Bringing Innovation to China’s Healthcare Sector.