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Associate Professor Weiru Chen: Platform Strategy

Volume 1, 2013

In Platform Strategy: Business Model in Revolution, CEIBS Associate Professor of Strategy Weiru Chen and alumnus Joseph Yu (MBA 2008), provide readers with an in-depth look at the innovative ‘platform’ concept and explain how it has the power to change the behaviour of both businesses and consumers. The authors describe the overall structure of a platform system and discuss the key areas for leveraging its strengths: design, growth, evolution, competition and envelopment.

Published in January 2013 by CITIC Publishing House, the book has earned high praise from both leading executives and media reviewers. 

Here is a sample of their comments:

Platform Strategy is a must-read. It explores the concept of the Platform Business Model in a systematic way and shows companies how to succeed in the Platform Ecosystem. It is well researched and presents compelling case studies to illustrate the dynamics of how the Platform Business Model works. It is filled with theoretical and practical insights on the topic. The book is provocative and fun to read. I highly recommend it.”

– W Chan Kim, BCG Chair Professor at INSEAD and Co-director of INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

Platform Strategy is quite enlightening. The concept is simple and understandable, and its key points are instructive. The authors propose many innovative business concepts such as ‘platform ecosphere’, ‘the profit pool battle’, ‘system design’, and ‘breakthrough tipping point’. This book provides a new way of thinking for executives interested in Internet innovation. It can help them find a way to prepare for the next revolution in the Internet industry.”

– Chen Tong, Executive Vice-President of Sina, Chief Editor of Sina.com

“E-commerce is creating a growing new trend of businesses that have small front-ends, large platforms, and rich eco-systems. The platform provides not only the foundation to support the small front-end, but also fertile soil for a rich eco-system. One of the most crucial challenges every company will face in the future is to understand the platform, discover and decipher its relationship with the platform, and to foster or adapt itself to the platform eco-system.”

– Liang Chunxiao, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Director and Senior Researcher of Ali Research Centre