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    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.


2012 CEIBS Entrepreneurial Challenge


2012 CEIBS Entrepreneurial Challenge

Entrepreneurship in China

There are two groups of entrepreneurs in the exciting market of China: one grown from local market and another one came from outside China. For local entrepreneurs, they have better competitive advantage in language and culture which will bring success in business communication and negotiation, but the horizon might be constrained. For entrepreneurs coming from foreign land, the key success factors to win Chinese market is to overcome language and culture barrier, find local business partners and leverage dynamic thinking. As future business leaders in China, young entrepreneurs should educate them in a way that they can understand China with an international view.

An innovated bilingual (English + Chinese) challenge

We offer you a communication platform for entrepreneurs who seek business in China. We will invite entrepreneurs from business schools with various cultural backgrounds. We design the challenge in a way that participants can interact with international investors and help Chinese entrepreneurs to make a real case solution. Contestants in each team have to work shoulder to shoulder to conquer language barrier and cultural challenge.

We welcome first year and second year MBA students from home and aboard. We will provide simultaneous interpretation during the finals.

Organized by:

CEIBS Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment (CCEI)

Co-organized by:

CEIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Club

CEIBS MBA China Business Club

About CCEI:

The CEIBS Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment (CCEI) was established to support CEIBS MBA and EMBA programs with i) high quality entrepreneurship content in the form of cases and other teaching material; ii) opportunities to interact with experienced alumni entrepreneurs and investors; and iii) assistance in mobilizing resources for new ventures.

Message from Professor Kevin Li, Executive Director of CCEI


Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship in CEIBS
Founder of Ku6.com,first independently listed China video site in NASDAQ
Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Sohu.com

As future business leaders, MBA should obtain grand ideal and practical abilities. “Aim high and do it now” is the wish for all participants in this entrepreneurial challenge. As I always mentioned, starting new ventures need someone with IQ, EQ and DQ (Daring Intelligence Quotient). This challenge is design to test and train MBA students from the above aspects. It is a good platform for global MBA students to communicate and learn from each other. I hope you can participate in this challenge, enlighten your business ideas and make your own business to be successful in the future.


2012 6.9-10, CEIBS Shanghai Campus


·      The official language will be Chinese and English. We provide simultaneous translation

·      Three sections will apply different official languages. Please refer to below details.


·         Team formation: a team is formed with three first year or second year MBA students, including at least one Chinese native speaker

·         Deadline: midnight Shanghai time, May. 21st, 2012

·         How to apply: teams should fill application form and send to hzhaogang.m11@ceibs.edu


After application, every team should submit a five-page PPT in English about an innovative business idea before midnight Shanghai time May 21st. There is no requirement of document format, however if you need a small sample you can mention it in your application email. CEIBS professors will review the business ideas and select eight teams for grand final competition. Each school will have only one team enrolled in the finals. The credentials of the business idea: innovative, feasibility, growth potential and structure


l  Elevator Pitch

Teams will pitch their business ideas (the ones submitted in pre-selection) in six minutes, and answer questions from international investors in two minutes. The official language of this session will be English. Credentials:

n  Innovation, feasibility and growth potential

n  Presentation skills

n  40% of the total score

l  Prompt Decision

In this session, two Chinese entrepreneurs will raise questions based on the challenges of their own entrepreneurial experience. Every team will have 30 minutes to make a solution and three minutes to present it. The official language of this session will be English and Chinese. Since the judge will be local Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese presentation is preferred. Credentials:

n  Logic thinking and business acumen

n  Feasibility and innovation

n  20% of the total score

l  Sustainable Growth

Entrepreneurs face questions of making their organizations continuous grow every day. It is a real case challenge based on a Chinese enterprise and teams will make suggestions on sustainable growth. The official language of this session will be English and Chinese. Since the judge will be local Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese presentation is preferred. The details:

n  The case will send to final teams on June 1st.

n  The case will show the bottleneck when a company grow to a certain stage. Teams will provide solutions to the entrepreneur.

n  Teams will prepare 10 minutes speech with 10 pages slides, and 5 minutes Q&A

n  Teams will have opportunities to meet and discuss with management team from the company and are allowed to polish their solutions accordingly.


n  Feasibility, innovation and strategic thinking

n  Solution stucture and presentation skills

n  40% of total score



Time and Date


May 21st

Application deadline

May 23rd 

Final teams info. release

June 1st

Case of sustainable growth session distribution

June 9th – 10th 

Grand finals



Rongchang - Ilsa Entrepreneur Award: RMB 20,000


Accommodations, meals and local transportation expenses during the finals will be fully covered.

The flight expenses will be subsidized as follows:


From mainland China

up to RMB 1800/person

From Hong Kong

up to RMB 2000/person

From Taiwan

up to RMB 3500/person

From Singapore

up to RMB 4800/person



Joe HE, hzhaogang.m11@ceibs.edu

Ken WEI, wke.m11@ceibs.edu

Liz LEE, lchiasui.m11@ceibs.edu