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2 CEIBS EMBA Alumni Named WEF 2014 Young Global Leaders

Volume 2, 2014

Liu Qiangdong

Linking In, Volume 2, 2014

Deng Fei

Liu Qiangdong (EMBA 2009), CEO of e-commerce giant JD.com and Deng Fei (EMBA 2013), a pioneer of philanthropy in China, were among the 214 people named “Young Global Leaders” for 2014 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on March 11. Chosen from a global field of more than 2,000 candidates, they are being honoured for their outstanding careers and contributions to society.

Deng Fei has launched several highly-regarded charity programmes that have benefitted children in impoverished, rural areas of China and have drawn support from citizens across the country, including many CEIBS students, alumni and faculty. Thanks to these efforts, 210,000 young children are receiving medical insurance every year and 80,000 children from 360 schools enjoy a free lunch every day. He has also launched two environmental projects and a non-profit enterprise. He credits his studies at CEIBS for not only helping him engage support from entrepreneurs but also develop his management skills. “I have benefited tremendously from my study at CEIBS and I will pursue a career of charity with my organisational management knowledge,” he said. In his new book Free Lunch: A Tenderness That Changes China, he encourages everyone to spread heart-warming love and try to change China through action.

Liu Qiangdong, known for his huge success in transforming China’s e-commerce landscape, also credits CEIBS as “a wonderful learning platform”. As he said in his graduation notes: “In addition to the knowledge and skills needed to run a company, CEIBS has given me a broad global vision, an enormous pool of resources in its students and faculty, an unforgettable experience of friendship, great tutelage from the world’s top professors, and quality forums and lectures. All these have lifted me up significantly. Learning at CEIBS has indeed been a rare and life-changing opportunity for me.”